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Folks we are at the threshold of a poliitcal revolution that can change the face of the American Republic or, let it continue on as is, into continuing decline and destruction, as has happend to so many great powers of the world of the past, Persia, Greece, Egypt. Rome, etc. It's not as if our nation has not gone through this, already...in our very "own" revolution seeking independence from the British Empire. This was our first great revolution.....led by men & woman of great courage who actually put their lives on the line to gain freedom and liberty for the common man who was being seriously oppressed by the tyrants of the British Empiire.

We only need to look back a bit to see how George Washinton was in dire straits, when he decided to attack Trenton, NJ and, mastered a massive victory over the British.

But.....how many Americans today know who Nathanael Greene & Daniel Morgan were. Nathanael Greene became the "favorite" General of George Washington. Greene, a Major General, with no formal military training, having a permanent walking limp, that always kept him dragging his foot as he marched, plotted the two decisive battles of the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Cow Pens (1781), South Carolina & the Battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina (1781), that ended up forcing Britiish General Cornwallis to flee to Yorktown, Virginia....where Washington & our French allies, defeated th British and ended the Rvolutionary War.

Daniel Morgan, a Brigader General under the command of Greene, with little military training, but great fighting experience, pulled out a major victory at the battle of Cow Pens, South Carolina. Morgan's strategic, tactics are still studied in West Point to this very day!!!

These folks were the "Outsiders" of their time...just like Donald J. Trump is today......Trump is certainly no politician of rank today.....thank God....but...his patroitic, heart and passion are all for the nation and the all the people of America!!!

The USA and US citizens face a crossroad of destiny, very similar to our forebears, in the American Revolution...Should we just continue down the road the Republican & Democrat Establishment have chosen to chain us with, or should we, once again revive the passion & fervor of our great Republic & change course to a greater political & manifest destiny.

Should Wisconsin voters, next Tuesday vote for Ted Cruz....the candidate now bought & owned, wholly by The GOP Establishment losers & weak sisters...or, should they vote for Donald J. Trump & follow the destiny that Washington, Greene, Morgan, etc. gave to us.

Here is a list of Ted Cruz backers you should all study...before you cast your votes next Tuesday:
- Mitt Romney - POTUS Loser
- John McCain - POTUS Loser
- Jeb Bush - POTUS Loser
- Rick Perry - POTUS Loser
- Cary Fiorina - POTUS Loser
- Glenn Beck - Failed, Disgraced Talk Show Host
- Paul Ryan - The "Obama" Lap Dog
- Scott Walker - POTUS Loser

Folks think, long, hard & honestly.....

The nation and your future, your children's future depends on the choice you make. I choose Trump...with all his faults, because Donald John Trump has the very fiber of the great leaders, men & women who end up changing the world with great leadrship & direction. Ted Cruz will give you 'ZERO" of that. In fact......Thes GOP (E) folks listed here, will destroy Ted Cruz before he goes anywhere!!!

Home >/A> Ted Cruz could not have entered the U.S. legally without a CRBA or a U.S. passport, the latter of which was not obtained until 1986.
Special to MaineTV.net, by: Col. Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. USA Reserve Retired

If Ted Cruz was registered as a U.S. citizen at birth, as his spokeswoman claims, then the CRBA must be released. Otherwise, RAFAEL EDWARD (TED) CRUZ:
Special to MaineTV.net, by: Jim Buzzell

Born in Canada in 1970, his parents were then a Cuban citizen father, and an American citizen mother. Canada recognizes that being born in Canada make one a Canadian citizen by birth in that country. Rafael (Ted) Cruz also has, (or had), dual Canadian citizenship with Cuba, until May 14, 2014 when he formally reported he had renounce his Canadian citizenship, since his father was a Cuban citizen at the time of Rafaelís birth he still retains his Cuban citizenship.


Is Ted Cruz in the US Senate illegally?

CRUZ is a liar!

Because of the heavy French/Canadian makeup of Maine I had expected Ted Cruz to win yesterdays Maine Republican Caucus, but, he would have won, probably by less of a margin, but with as many delegates, without resorting to lying.

But, Cruz, having accomplished nothing

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